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NOLIM is one of the largest European suppliers of outrigger pads and road mats. We also supply stowage for outrigger pads, slide on outrigger shoes and Containershield ®.

All NOLIM plates are made of HMPE 500 regenerate, a strong yet light-weight plastic of high quality that doesn’t absorb moisture and won’t break or splinter, they withstand diesel oil and most chemicalsNOLIM: durable solutions, fast delivery, great service and competitive pricing.


NOLIM outrigger pads are built to last, they prevent machinery such as lorry loaders, access platforms and concrete pumps sinking into the ground. A strong yet light-weight plastic of high quality that doesn’t absorb moisture and won’t break or splinter.
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NOLIM road mats protect the surface and prevent sinking into the ground. Light-weight and easy to handle yet suitable for heavy vehicles of up to 90Ton/m². HMPE road mats won’t leave traces of rust or damage on the surface and they won’t tear or break.
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Stainless steel brackets for single and double stowage. Universal mounting, all with locking device.
The brackets are suitable for 300, 400, 500, and 600 mm pads. Bracket for slide on outrigger shoes also available.
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With NOLIM outrigger shoes you prevent your machinery from sinking into the ground. Furthermore you gain efficiency: The shoe slides onto the outrigger/stabilizer leg allowing you to move your machine without reposition your pads to ensure a perfect fit and central pad set up. Available in three sizes.
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In cooperation with Antea Group, NOLIM has developed Containershield®, the ultimate flexible, lightweight protective sheet for household waste recycling centres and waste processors. The moveable sheet is made from HMPE 500R. Not only does Containershield prevent damage, it also protects your floor from corrosion and water from metallic corrosion.
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