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Nolim slide on outrigger shoes

NOLIM outrigger shoes prevents your machinery from sinking into the ground. Furthermore you gain efficiency: The shoe slides onto the outrigger/ stabilizer leg allowing you to move your machine without reposition your pads to ensure a perfect fit and central pad set up. Available in three sizes.

Finish: the slide on outrigger shoes are fitted with 1 lash.

Specifications: check list for suitable standard sizes, weight and load capacity.

Dimensions Weight Vertical Jack Capacity
Ø 300 x 80 mm 3 kg 10 tonne
Ø 400 x 80 mm 5 kg 15 tonne
Ø 500 x 80 mm 9 kg 20 tonne
S-400 5,3 kg
S-500 7,5 kg

Stainless steel bracket for stowage of one slide on outrigger shoe.

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